Is it time for a change in your life?
Are you
•    having nightmares, or nightmarish worries?
•    worried about your kids, and the stress keeps growing?
•    doing the best you can, but life still doesn’t make any sense?

Then, I am glad you found me! 
Call or email me now and tell me what you want to change in your life.

Betty McKay Bracht, LCPC
    Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

          Rockville, Maryland
Post Office Box 12301
Silver Spring, MD 20908

     I help people make change. . . .

We all experience periods of change -- some are desired and beneficial, but some leave us confused or emotionally bruised.  When life throws us a curve, it often takes a helping hand to work through it.  My goal is to help my clients achieve insight during these more difficult periods, and achieve more satisfaction from life's pursuits -- even while weathering times of transition.

I encourage my clients to be active partners in determining the goals for their time with me.  Sometimes a single session might be sufficient to gain the insight needed for a particular transition.  One, two, or ten or more sessions -- the number is not important -- our goals are understanding, balance, and well-being.

Call me   --   let's do this together.
     Betty McKay Bracht
           Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

       Rockville, Maryland

My work is not focused on a particular segment of any community. Anyone can – and will – benefit from a new perspective on an old problem.