Is it time for a change in your life?
Betty Bracht

Are you

  • having nightmares, or nightmarish worries?
  • worried about your kids, and the stress keeps growing?
  • doing the best you can, but life still doesn’t make any sense?

Then, I am glad you found me!

Call or email me now and tell me what you want to change in your life.

People come to me when they need to change something that’s not working, to develop self-awareness, or to better understand their own potential — and we use whatever tools are needed to make that happen. If something in the past keeps you from being successful now, then we will look at the past. If you want the future to look different, we will look at today to see where changes need to be made. If you are sad or anxious, we will look at ways to turn that around.

My goal is to help my clients achieve insight during difficult periods, and achieve more satisfaction from life’s pursuits. Whether two or three sessions, or several weeks of collaboration, our goals are understanding, balance, and wellbeing.