Trauma Therapy

These are just some of the indicators of emotional or physical trauma, which may be the cause behind posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), acute stress disorder, dissociative symptoms, obsessive-compulsive characteristics, depression, and/or eating disorders.

The impact of traumatic injuries, whether physical or emotional, can be powerful and devastating, frequently leaving one with feelings of helplessness, guilt, shame, shock, or having uncontrolled outbursts of anger. The unexpected death of a loved one; combat; physical, emotional, or sexual abuse; or witnessing something horrific can have a traumatic impact, regardless of one’s age. It may have been a one time event, or multiple events over a period of time.

If you suffer from symptoms like these, our work starts with providing a safe place for you to resolve overwhelming memories, fears, or anger. I use a number of therapeutic tools to help dispel the symptoms of trauma, to help find peace, comfort, and self-acceptance.